Friday, August 2, 2013

River Rock Mat

So everyone seems to love these super cool mats, but buying them at a store can cost around $30-$50. Yikes! With this DIY you can create a similar, personalized, weather-proof rock mat for about $5-$8.

Here's what you'll need:
~ Scissors
~ Strong Glue Epoxy (or a Weather-proof/Water-proof adhesive)
~ River Rocks (Can be bought at $ store)
~ Rubber Shelf Liner (or similar water-proof material)
~ Cardboard of other surface that can be trashed

Step 1
Cut your shelf liner into the shape and size that you want your mat to be. I suggest leaving about an inch of extra space and trim it off once the project is finished.

Step 2
Begin placing the rocks on the shelf liner in the positions and pattern that you like best. Remember not to use glue yet, seeing as you are just mapping it out right now. You can use different colored rocks in a random pattern or to make your own design. Some popular designs are to use a certain color of rocks to make initials, words, pictures, or borders! Aim for all of the rocks to fit closely together so that the shelf liner is hidden and you have a nice semi-flat surface instead of large gaps that can be unsightly, stub toes and collect miscellaneous objects that may be difficult to remove.

Step 3
Now that you have your fancy rock mat all planned out, get your adhesive and begin to glue the rocks down one by one. Be sure you are doing this over cardboard so that if the glue drips or you drop a rock with glue it won't get all over. If your rocks shift a tad it's no big deal, try to re-adjust it or leave it be, whichever you prefer.

Step 4
 Let the glue dry so that your rocks stay in place and don't shift.

Step 5
Add another layer of shelf liner to the back using your adhesive and let dry. This way even if one liner somehow rips, your mat is still intact.

Step 6
Trim the extra length of shelf liner off and place your mat wherever you want!

You can use your mat as a stepping stone, a shelf liner, or even a place mat!

I got this idea from Pinterest and did some research on how to create this. I am not the first person to think of this so I have no ownership. I simply made this blog to help others with their DIY projects!

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