Sunday, July 21, 2013

From an Old Refrigerator to an Ice Chest

 Everyone loves re-purposing old things into better-looking items. And of course, who doesn't love a well decorated patio?! This DIY lets you turn an old refrigerator into a beautiful ice chest at an affordable cost.

The first step you should take to turn your old, run down fridge into an awesome ice chest is to remove all of the accessories that make it run. Be sure to remove the evaporator cell and fan, the compressor, the condenser fan, shelves and drawers, and any other unnecessary items that will take up space in what will be the ice chest.

After you are done removing the unneeded pieces, you can start creating the design. Then put the fridge on its back and start making measurements. Start from one side of the fridge and measure the center line running the length. After this, measure the center line of the top and bottom halves. Screw a 2" x 1/4" slat in the length of the top and bottom halves using #3 screws in the center and 6 inches from each end.

Then take 4" x 1/4" slats, cut to the height of your soon-to-be ice chest, and screw them into the 2" x 1/4" slats using two #3 screws for the top slat and three screws for the bottom slat. Be sure the top and bottom of the fridge are decorated the same. Then do the same for the doors that once belonged to the freezer and fridge sections. Drill a hole in what was the back of the fridge (what is now the bottom of your ice chest) and insert a plug so you can drain water later on.You can also create legs and a support for your new ice chest. The design is up to you and what you think would go best for your patio or in your back yard.
Now just put your awesome ice chest where you want it and fill it with ice! You can also use hinges to make the doors stay open so you can take things out, it depends on your preference. Personally, I would use hydraulic openers, which open and close softly.

If any of you need more instructions, here is a link to a similar DIY project. By looking between the two, you should be able to do this easy-peasy!

I got this idea from Pinterest and did some research on how to create this. I am not the first person to think of this so I have no ownership. I simply made this blog to help others with their DIY projects!